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Delivering success 
through social value
We provide accurate, honest and robust analyses of your data, driving focus on what matters most.
Helping you to make sense of social value

Acting as your end-to-end partner, we accurately forecast, monitor and evaluate
the entire life-cycle of your projects, helping your business have a purpose beyond
profit. Our market-leading solutions use government-approved methodologies to
understand the long-term value of your projects.
The solutions we offer
Social Value Reporting
Our live reporting software helps you understand and evidence the value for money and SROI created by your project or service.
Stakeholder Engagement
& Data Collection
A bespoke data collection and management app measuring the impact of your project based on the improvement in wellbeing created for employees, beneficiaries and other stakeholders.
Early Business Case
Providing support across the RIBA stages and combining government-approved analysis frameworks to accurately capture the value of a project.
Holistic consulting on policy and strategy, case studies, corporate calculations, tender support, business case development, fee proposals and social, economic and environmental appraisals.
This online portal enables suppliers to respond to the social value elements of a tender, ensuring commitments made can then form part of the contractual arrangements.
Why choose us?
We are the only software platform to be accredited by both Social Value UK and Social Value International. Our team of experts provide a range of services to help your business make commercial sense of social value.
Easy to use
Manage everything from one place, on a platform created with simple, intuitive dashboard functionality.

It’s a partnership
As a hands-on partner, we’ll be with you through planning, integration, forecasting, monitoring and
A purpose beyond profit
We can give you the insight you need to make a positive difference in society.

Show your value
Our honest, accurate and robust reporting increases your chances of winning public-sector 
and funding.

Create advocates
We provide the expertise you need to embed social value thinking and best practice into your
Peace of mind
Confidence knowing you have the most accurate, transparent, and rigorous insight to evidence 
social value of your projects.
Trusted by our clients
We are the chosen partner of many clients in the construction and infrastructure
industry, as well as social investment, professional services, public and third sector.

How it all works

Our Social Value Reporting Software calculates the social, economic and environmental impact of a project using a number of government-approved analysis frameworks; Social Return on Investment (SROI), environmental impact, LM3, GVA and asset value. With a database of over 6,000 outcomes, we can achieve a level of accuracy that you won’t find anywhere else.
Fiscal Savings to UK Government and taxpayers associated with reduced cost for welfare benefits, health services, education, emergency services, housing, and social care.
Economic Benefits to HMRC associated with Tax, National Insurance and Earnings due to reduced worklessness and sickness days.
Wellbeing Improvements associated with employment and skills development, qualifications, education support, school and community engagement, and improvements to physical and mental health.
Environmental Benefits associated with reducing, recycling and diverting waste, reducing CO2 emissions, as well as ecological protection.
Local Multiplier 3 (LM3) which accounts for how a project impacts upon local economies through spend on supply chain and employment.
Gross Value Added (GVA) which measures how project employment contributes to economic productivity and uplift of an area including the indirect and induced effects of direct employment
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