To go with our freshly minted website, we are delighted to launch Social Profit Calculator’s new blog!

 We at SPC have been working hard all through the Covid-19 crisis to deliver great work for our clients, as well as engaging with new partners on projects that we will be talking about in the next months. This is to say that we have plenty to be talking about and it feels like now is the time to finally start sharing our good news with the world. Our intention is for our blog to serve as a key tool in communicating the work we are doing at SPC and cover the wider world of social value, the built environment, infrastructure and consultancy.

In the coming weeks, we will cover the changing face of social value, the coming smart construction revolution and what that means for construction and reporting on social value and the role of data in developing good, reliable metrics for social value monetisation.

In the meantime, to give readers a primer on social value and its role in construction, give a listen to our own Dr. Viki Johnson’s appearance on the Building Blocks podcast with our sister company Pagabo. On it Viki discusses the value social value has in construction, how their organisations have continued to deliver social value during the lockdown period and what the future holds for social value in construction.

You can listen to Viki’s appearance here.

Social Profit Calculator is the home of social value. Our team is a mix of experts from across consultancy, academia and the world of tech, working together to bring our clients the best blend of solutions to ensure that their social value offerings are the best they can be.  As well as talking about our work and the latest developments in social value, our blog will be host to job vacancies and information about opportunities to collaborate with us. If you are an expert in the field of social value, an experienced technologist, or other relevant experience, we are always interested to hear from you!