Social Profit Calculator and Pagabo
SPC provide accurate, honest and robust analyses of your data, driving focus on what matters most.
Acting as your end-to-end partner, we accurately forecast, monitor and evaluate the entire life-cycle of your projects, helping your business have a purpose beyond profit. Our market-leading solutions use government-approved methodologies to understand the long-term value of your projects
SPC are the only software platform to be accredited by both Social Value UK and Social Value International.
Our team of experts provide a range of services to help your business make commercial sense of social value.

Pagabo has always placed social value at the top of its agenda. We have always been determined to ensure that the projects which are delivered through our frameworks provide genuine opportunities for transforming people’s lives and outlooks and local economies.

Pagabo depend heavily on the tools and services SPC offer. SPC help you to calculate the social value of a project you’re involved in. Their tools are both Social Value UK and Social Value International accredited so you know you can absolutely rely on the calculations.