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Our live reporting software helps you clearly understand and reliably evidence the value for money and SROI you are creating. It is simple to use, supports all the recognised standards including TOMs, SDGs, 4 Capitals and the The PPN Social Value Model. It is Validated by SVUK qualified practitioners, accredited by Pagabo and aligned to The HM Treasury Green Book, The Construction Playbook and Procure for Value principles. We understand that a lack of consistency in measuring social value has often caused confusion and at worst skepticism.

The input elements are usually relatively straightforward to calculate as accurate figures or proxies can be provided, (people’s time, resources, materials etc). The difficulty is in calculating the outcomes and outputs, ie the benefits to the stakeholder. Whilst it’s easy to say that an initiative provided employability to 15 people (that’s an output), how do you account for the positive changes (those are the outcomes) made to the lives of those 15 people? Our social value calculator with its structured and comprehensive approach is vital in assisting you to provide accurate, honest and robust analyses of your valuable data, helping you to drive focus on what matters most.

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We’re social value experts. Our knowledge and experience is our biggest asset and helps us to help you make a bigger difference. We have the resources and specialist skills to capture, measure, understand and report your social value impact.

Our team are all SROI trained practitioners with extensive experience in social value analyses for both private and public sectors. Social Profit Calculator’s consultancy practice can support clients across a range of different services:


Social Value Analyses

Business Case Support

Tendering and Procurement Support

Social Value Strategy

Social Value Improvement


Acting as your end-to-end partner, we accurately forecast, monitor and evaluate the entire life-cycle of your projects.

Our market-leading solutions use government-approved methodologies to understand the long-term value of your projects by offering both quantitive and qualitative research to fully understand the impact on a range of stakeholders.


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Once you’ve been guided through system configuration, you’ll be trained by one of our social value experts on how to use our software so that you and your team can be confident, independent social value champions!

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