Social value should be explicitly evaluated

In September last year, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) published its latest Procurement Policy Note (PPN) requiring all Central Government Departments, Executive Agencies and Non-Departmental Public Bodies to take account of social value in the award of Central Government contracts.

A consistent standardised process

It follows recent consultation and introduces a new model to ensure a standardised framework for evaluating the potential social value of a contract. It recognises that the public sector can better maximise social value through its procurements, an approach that has already been pioneered by local authorities and other public sector bodies.

Following the PPN, the Government published it’s Social Value Model giving further detailed guidance on applying the specified criteria. 

Supporting key social outcomes

In accordance with these new guidelines, Social Profit Calculator is currently revising our tool to allow users to report specifically against the policy’s menu of priorities. COVID-19 Recovery, Tackling Economic Inequality, Fighting Climate Change, Equal Opportunity, Wellbeing.

Our clients will be able to seamlessly include in the procurement, standard award criteria, delivery objectives that describe ‘what good looks like’, and metrics for contract management and reporting.

Helping you to implement this model in a clear systematic way so you can bid with ease and confidence.

Our enhanced software will be available very soon.